Rotax VMC

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The Rotax VMC is a reed valve direct drive 100cc kart engine (ICA) from Rotax that succeeded the Rotax VMB in 1991. It was the first Rotax reed valve engine with radial fins on the cylinder head, but it did not have the "jacket" or air guiding wings yet (this came from the Rotax VMD onwards.
Standard bore size was 50.00mm and the stroke was 50.50mm. Two versions existed, one with a Nicasil cylinder, the other with a cast iron cylinder. The Nicasil version had an oval exhaust port, the cast iron cylinder had a bridged rectangular shape exhaust port.
It was succeeded in 1994 by the Rotax VMD.


ROTAX VMC 1.jpg ROTAX VMC 2.JPG ROTAX VMC 3.JPG ROTAX VMC 4.JPG ROTAX VMC 5.JPG ROTAX VMC 6.JPG ROTAX VMC 7.JPG Rotax-vmc-01.jpg Rotax-vmc-02.jpg Rotax-vmc-03.jpg Rotax-vmc-04.jpg Rotax-vmc-05.jpg Rotax-vmc-06.jpg Rotax-vmc-07.jpg Rotax-vmc-08.jpg Rotax-vmc-09.jpg Rotax-vmc-10.jpg