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Rotax Engines

Bombardier Rotax is an Austrian company that amongst many other things builds engines for all types of vehicles, from Karts to Snowmobiles. Their 100cc kart engines were developed in cooperation with Hezemans engines throughout the 1980's and 1990's.

Identification help for reed valve engines:
Jacket (air guiding wings on barrel) = VMD or VME
Radial fin, no jacket, oval port exhaust (in combination with nicasil cylinder, the cast iron cylinder version has bridged rectangular exhaust port): VMC
Parallel fin, Rotax stamped on outer fins: VMB
Paralell fin, nothing on the head: VMA
Radial fin, bridged exhaust port: '83

100cc Engines

Rotary Valve Engines

Reed Valve Engines

125cc Engines