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This wiki has been created to help pull together knowledge on kart engine/carburetors, kart chassis and to give people information on parts/maintenance of these.

My aim is to get information in a central place, there is so much knowledge out there, if it's not documented it will eventually be lost.

Initially this is aimed at historic racing and 100cc engines, but all information is welcome.

Ideally I would like to get as much information about each engine to aid rebuilding and sourcing parts. I plan to make a template of useful information for each engine eventually but for now please fill in anything you know.

History, how to identify, bore, stroke, rod length, main bearing size, oil seal size, port configuration, rotary valve dimensions, reed sizes, crank pin size, homologising period, part listings, diagrams etc etc, are all useful.

If you have any documents or images please email them to with full details and they will be added to the relevant pages.

I have "Borrowed" images from various facebook groups, google image searches, and various other places so if you have a problem with any image or file I've used please contact me and I'll get it removed.

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